If you have to go out of town on business or vacation and can’t take your furry family member along, let them stay with us at Sartin Animal Care Clinic! Our facility is modern and kept meticulously clean for the health and comfort of your pet. Our boarding area is climate controlled to keep our boarding guests cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Our kennel staff is a caring and compassionate group of animal lovers, who are directly supervised by our veterinarian.

All boarders must be current on all required vaccines, for the safety and well-being of your pet, as well as all others. If you are unsure of your dog or cat’s vaccination status, please call in advance so our caring staff can determine if vaccinations need to be administered.

Please remember to bring any medications that need to be administered while your pet is in our care. Also, we encourage you to bring a favorite toy or blanket to help them feel even more at home during their stay with us.

Boarding space is limited, so we encourage you to book in advance, especially during the summer and near holidays. Call one of the caring team members at Sartin to reserve a spot for your furry family member today!

Vaccines required for dogs:
⁃ Rabies
⁃ Bordetella
⁃ Canine Influenza

What is Canine influenza?
⁃ Canine influenza is a dog-specific flu virus that is very contagious to other dogs ⁃ Symptoms include coughing, fever, and lethargy that in rare cases can lead to severe illness and death

How is it spread?
⁃ Canine influenza is spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and direct contact with infected dogs

Why does Sartin Animal Care Clinic require the influenza vaccine when other veterinary clinics and boarding facilities do not?
⁃ Our location of Heber Springs is a resort and retirement community. Most of our residents travel to many areas of the country where canine influenza hot spots are located. Our tourist and part-time residents also travel and come from canine influenza hot spot areas. This leads to a greater chance that canine influenza will be introduced into our area in the future.
⁃ Canine influenza has been documented in locations not far from Arkansas, such as Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida proving the spread of Canine influenza is nationwide and not just located in the north and midwest United States. One of the two United States strains of canine influenza has been documented in Arkansas in the recent past.
⁃ We feel that by vaccinating our boarding and at risk patients, that we are doing our best to prevent the spread of this contagious and on rare occasion deadly virus to your dogs.

Vaccines required for cats:
⁃ Rabies

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