Sartin Animal Care Clinic has a state-of-the art surgical suite located inside our clinic. This hospital has the ability to exam your pet before surgery through x-rays and blood lab work to give the doctor the most recent information possible. During surgery our staff monitors your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate and breathing ability while undergoing their procedure. After surgery our technicians as well as Dr.Sartin monitor the vital signs and pain level using monitors and constant nursing. Your pet will be kept warm and as comfortable as possible until it is time for you to take them home for your own personal TLC.

Several types of surgeries are performed at Sartin Animal Care Clinic including:

  • • Spay and neuter
  • • Laceration and small wound repair
  • • Reconstructive surgery
  • • Soft tissue removal and repair
  • • Orthopedic surgery


At Sartin Animal Care Clinic we will have you bring your pet in for a physical exam to determine if and when surgery is needed. When necessary during surgery, our staff will administer IV fluids to keep your pet’s blood pressure stable. By inserting an IV catheter, your pet is ready for surgery and any complications that may arise. Post surgical procedure, pain medication is given to block pain before your pet feels it as well as to keep pain under control. You may rest assured that while your pet is in surgery and recovering they are never left alone and are constantly monitored.

Once we proceed with surgery our team will instruct you on how to care for your pet at home and will also make regular check-ups to see how your animal companion is faring. Please set up an appointment with Sartin Animal Care Clinic if you are interested in seeing surgical options for your pet.

Prior to your pet's operation please print or email the Anesthesia Consent Form.